Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Valerie took a deep breath and tried to listen to Sam’s reassuring words. Though he spoke the truth, she knew that Eve would never understand. Even if she didunderstand, she was still an overprotective older sister who wanted her back home by eleven. “I guess so…” She said softly, letting out a heavy sigh. “Lets just hope she doesn’t freak out on me when I get home from school.”

Valerie winced in pain, gently touching her now puffy and swollen ankle. She knew the events of last night couldn’t have been a dream. It felt all too real, and the pain shooting through her ankle was proof of that. She whimpered softly, staring down at her ankle with a sudden turn in the pit of her stomach. This was all wrong. “Sammy, do you remember last night at all?” She winced as he helped her up. “Do you remember how I hurt myself?”

"Uhh…" Those questions make him nervous and rethink his dream, if that’s really what it was. He stands from his kneeling position and sits down next to her on the bed. "I don’t…remember a lot of it. To be honest I convinced myself it was just a dream but now I’m not sure about that. Last thing I remember is being in a room alone with——Oh shit!" It’s all a blur but he just gets the feeling that he has done something stupid. Something that could end his relationship with Val forever. He chooses to avoid that for the time being…at least until he can be sure…

A sudden knock at his door is heard. Lucy enters, “Sam, Evelyn just called asking if—-” She stops when she see’s Valerie. “Oh.”

Sam stands and is quick to answer with his defense. “We lost track of time studying last night. Nothing happened.”

Lucy sighs with her hand on her hip and shoulders slouched. Her face shows her disappointment and concern. “Valerie, sweetie, you need to call your sister. She’s worried sick. Also breakfast is ready if you two want to come and eat.” She then leaves the room with the door open.


The Flash #105, March 1959. Cover art by Carmine Infantino.


The Flash #105, March 1959. Cover art by Carmine Infantino.

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


It felt like she’d been sleeping forever, but hearing the sound of Sam’s voice was enough to wake her from her deep sleep. Had all of that mess been a dream? It had to be… She hoped and prayed it had been. She couldn’t bear to think of what she’d do if he fell into Barbara’s grasp like in his dream.

Valerie’s eyes fluttered open as she awoke beside Sam. “…Sammy…?” She whispered softly, smiling at him. “Wh… Wh… You’re okay.” She smiled wide, thankful that her boyfriend was unharmed. Taking in her surroundings, her smile quickly faded. It hit her suddenly— She spent the night at Sam’s house. She gasped, as she shot up from bed. “O-Oh my God, my sister’s going to kill me! I was supposed to be home!” She slid to the edge of the bed and rose to her feet until she felt a sharp pain shoot through her ankle. “AH!” She whimpered, falling to the ground. “What was that…?” She glanced down at her ankle, seeing just how swollen and bruised it was. A chill ran up her spine. 'It wasn't… a dream…?' She thought. ‘I-I don’t understand…’

Closes his eyes again just because he isn’t quite ready to get up. Was nice waking up next to the girl he loved. Kinda wishes it could be an all the time thing but her sudden freak out reminds him that it’s not to happen anytime soon. He sits up and yawns, stretching his arms. “Val chill out okay. We just lost track of time is all, she’ll understand. With the amount of times she’s ‘lost track’ with Michael, she’ll definitely understand.”

With all his will power he forces himself from his bed. Dragging his feet as he goes to his closet. Debating on if he wants to take a quick shower or not…eh screw it. Just double up on cologne. As he decides on a shirt he hears Val whimper and in the corner of his eyes see’s her fall to the floor. Confused, he rushes over to make sure she is alright. Kneeling down beside her he notices the size of her ankle.”Woah, what did you do?” He reaches down to touch it but she flinches so he refrains. Instead he helps her up and sits her on the edge of the bed. “And I thought I was kinda clumsy.” Tries to make a joke out of it…



SOB! Okay but is Sam Shaggy or Daphne? Because he is besties with his dog but is most likely to be the damsel in distress most times. You just opened a new door, you realize that right…


I’ll shut up now…

OH MY GOD. ASDFSGDFH I HAVE NO IDEA LMAO. The movie changes things though since Daphne is just like. I’M NO DAMSEL IN DISTRESS -kicks ass- so who knows? ;D THIS REALLY DID OPEN A CAN OF WORMS.

Haha, YES! Oh my dear Sammy I think you are their love child. — I want this now, I really do. I want them driving around in a van with their team logo spray painted on it and they get into chasing scenes where they run in and out of random doors while bypassing each other. Val has to bribe Sam with snacks to do stuff…I mean, what?!

Valerie, Sam, Edgar, Alan and Nanook are literally Mystery Inc. omfg.

SOB! Okay but is Sam Shaggy or Daphne? Because he is besties with his dog but is most likely to be the damsel in distress most times. You just opened a new door, you realize that right…

I’ll shut up now…

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Valerie gasped, slamming against the wall the moment Barbara had pushed her aside. She knew vampires had super strength, but she hadn’t anticipated to be pushed so hard. She winced, rubbing her arm where she’d been shoved against. “Sammy!” She cried, “No! Let go of him!”

Watching as the vampiress put her boyfriend under a trance, she felt her heart sink. It wasn’t long before she felt an anger burn within her that caused her to act on impulse. “YOU MONSTER!” She shouted, charging toward Barbara just as she tooks Sam’s hand and started toward the door. Just as she was about to attack, Julian stepped in the way with a look of amusement clear across his features.

"Such a cute little slayer… Do you honestly believe you can stop us? Just face it. You’re beaten."

Valerie’s expression darkened as she glared up at him. “I won’t let you hurt him… Even if I die, I won’t let you do anything to take Sammy from me. That’s a promise.” She said coldly.

Julian stared down at her, seeing the look of anger and determination in her eyes. It was truly admirable. It wasn’t often that their victims put up this much of a fight. He couldn’t help but grin. “If looks could kill… That’s quite a mean stare you’ve got there, my sweet.”

"Don’t you dare call me that again.” She snapped, charging toward him with her stake. Julian grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her back as she cried out in pain.

"You should know better than to play with toys like these… You could…" He grabbed the stake, throwing it to the ground. "…put an eye out." He chuckled darkly, leaning closer to her neck as he took in her sweet scent. "…How lovely… I might have to savor the taste of your blood. It’s far too sweet to kill you right away…" He whispered in her ear.

Valerie felt a chill run up her spine the moment she felt his breath on her neck. She knew it was do or die right there and then. She couldn’t help Sam if she became Julian’s meal. Thinking quickly, she kicked backward, hitting Julian in the groin as he fell to his knees. “DAMN IT!” He snarled, reaching for her ankle the moment he went down.

She screamed, using her free leg to kick his hand away. Scrambling back onto her feet, she reached for her walkie talkie and tried to call for Edgar and Alan. “You guys! You guys, we need he-” Before she could continue, Julian had rose to his feet. His eyes were now a deep crimson, and his mouth hung open to reveal his monstrous fangs. “…That’s enough.” He roared.

Seeing him now, she realized she had no choice. As much as it pained her, she had to escape in order to save Sam. She was no use to him dead. At least with the help of the Frogs, they’d be able to save Sam. She rushed out of the window once more, clinging to the siding of the house, but it wasn’t long before Julian had started after her. He grabbed her arm with his vice-like grip and grinned wide. “…Now… No more running. You’re mine now.” A deep chuckle erupted from his throat, pulling her closer.

"NO! NOOOOO!" Valerie screamed at the top of her lungs. She wouldn’t give up… Not without a fight. She’d never give up, not as long as Sam was in Barbara’s grasp. With one powerful tug, she found she broke free from Julian’s grasp but she lost her footing.

"Sweet dreams…" Julian sneered, watching as Valerie fell from the roof.

As she fell, she closed her eyes and braced herself for the pain. She fell to the ground with a loud thud, and felt a dull pain shooting up her ankle. She could hear the faint sound of Edgar’s raspy voice calling her name before everything went dark.

Being lead to a different room he can hear Valerie shouting but he is still unable to do anything. Random crashing can also he heard from the room. His mind is at a strange peace with what’s going on, no guilt or remorse for leaving the one he loves behind to fend for herself. He was so unaware of this kind of power from a vampire. It’s funny that neither one of The Frog Brothers have mentioned this. Suppose he is just learning the hard way. Little does he know Barbara has quite the hidden agenda for him…

The room is almost empty except for a bed, dresser and a couple of chairs. The walls are colorful with victorian type wallpaper and a few paintings. An aroma of burning candles fill the air as she closes the door behind them. “Finally we are alone”, she says to him. She plays with his mind even more when she starts to unbutton his shirt. Pressing her lips to his…”Now let me give you something I know you crave.”

His mouth hangs open and his eyes wide when he is led over to the bed. She pushes him onto the bed and climbs atop. Kissing him passionately and moving down to his neck. Making her thirst for him that much stronger. Next thing undone is his pants…

"Uh, I probably shouldn’t be doing this. I have my g-girlfriend ya know'——”

She places her finger on his lips to shush him. Continuing on down the bunny trail where a sudden sharp pain is felt on his inner thigh. He yelps…

In that moment he is awaken from what feels like a weeks worth of sleep. Eyes pop open as he looks around gathering his surroundings. He is quick to realize that he is in his own room and own bed. Only unusual thing is Valerie laying next to him still sound asleep. Their school books are still scattered around them on the bed. Morning birds can be heard chirping outside his window.

He groans as he looks at the clock, five a.m. Only a few hours till they have to be at school. Turns back to look at Val and kisses her cheek sweetly. “Val”, he whispers in her ear. “Time to get up.”

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