Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


"I guess so… I just- I don’t want this to go on my permanent record or anything." Valerie had seemed so sure of herself before but now she began to realize the reprocussions that could easily follow if the couple that lived in this home wasn’t actually home to vampires. Fighting back the apprehension, she continued on with Sam. She knew he wasn’t all too fond of investigating, but Valerie had been the one to convince him to do it. She couldn’t back out now. They just had to go in quickly, look around for evidence and head out.

Valerie gingerly stepped forward, looking over her shoulder every few minutes. She was far more uneasy than she thought she’d be. “It’s unlocked? Seems way too easy, Sammy. Just be careful when we’re in there, okay?” She gently squeezed his shoulder and stepped inside with him.

“Sorry! Sorry…” She bit her lip nervously. “I’m just… covering you, just in case?”

Leaned against the door he clinches his cheat feeling his heartbeat. “It’s cool. It’s cool. I’m good.” He deeply exhales and straightens himself. Reaches into the little bag of survival Alan gave him and pulls out two flashlights. Hands one to Val and lets her pass by him before he closes the door. Just enough to make it look closed. Don’t need anymore alarming clues for the neighbors.

Switching on his flashlight he spotlights it around the entrance hallway of the house. A completely different vibe compared to the outside image. The inside looks like a fancy mansion. Old fashioned staircase leading up to the second floor with a few creepy portraits seem to hang along the wall. “Okay, this looks more like a vampires house. Creepy vibe just went through the roof. — So what exactly are we supposed to look for? A few coffins? Blood supply?…”

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Valerie hopped out of the car, gingerly taking steps toward the property. Taking one look at the house, she immediately turned back to face the Frogs. She needed the reassurance that this was the right place. She had expected something a bit more cryptic, but perhaps these vampires had adapted and done everything they could to blend into the modern day society. It wouldn’t be too far fetched considering the times.

Valerie stifled a laugh, trying her hardest not to shake her head at the two. “We’ll laugh about it once we get out of here in one piece, kay?” She continued toward the home, quietly looking around to search for any unlocked doors or windows. “Lets hurry. Vampire or not, I feel like a delinquent breaking into someone’s home.” She whispered.  

On the porch of the house him and Val both search around. At one of the windows he cups his hands to the glass. Taking a peek inside. Doesn’t see much due to how dark it is. “Too late for that sweetheart.’ He says in response to Val. “Us being here on their porch is trespassing. I’d rather spend a night in jail instead of eternity in the ground.”

Steps back from the window and walks to the front door. Placing his hand on the door handle he pushes lightly. Much to his surprise its actually unlocked. “NOW we are gonna break in.” He says with some humor behind it. The door creaks a little as he pushes it open as he lets himself in. “Hello?”, he says. “House keeping!”

He turns around and is startled by Val standing close. “DAH! Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

Had a quiet evening planned. With Val. My girlfriend. Things were going great. Frog Brothers call. Now I am breaking and entering into what could be an old persons house. #getnewfriends #NORMALfriends #dontwannadie