Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Valerie whimpered, frantically looking around for either an exit or a good place to hide. If only she could think clearly at the moment… She squeezed Sam’s hand tightly as the two bolted up the steps in a rush to stay out of sight.

Julian stepped inside behind Barbara, scrunching his nose once the unusual scent filled his nostrils. He growled low in his throat, realizing that someone might’ve attempted to break into their home to steal something or perhaps worse… “No, I don’t believe they were, sister…” Without another word, he began to look around to make sure nothing was stolen or out of the ordinary.

"Sister?" Valerie bit her lip, looking around quietly. The voice sounded like it was close, but still within the first floor. "How are we going to get down from here?" She whispered. "Climb out the window?"

He snaps his fingers and points. “A window. Perfect.” Quickly he runs over to the nearest one to open it. Fancy curtains hang over it and get in the way as he struggles to get the damn thing open. A few groans and he uses all his strength to lift. Come on, come on, please, god PLEASE open. With one last pull it slams open creating quite a loud noise…

"Hmm." By the way her brother looks around she can tell he has the same feeling. Someone has invaded their home or has attempted to do so. She too takes a few looks around the place when a sudden loud noise can be heard from the second floor. Her head snaps to the direction of the source. "I think we have some visitorsss." She smiles looking over at her brother.

Sam’s eyes are as wide as nickels, his jaw is dropped to the floor. Quickly he throws his hands up and backs away. “Think they heard that?” A silly question. The entire neighborhood probably heard it.

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


The smell was enough to make her stomach turn, so she quickly placed it back down and stepped away from it. She was careful to make sure that everything was just as the couple had left it. If anything were out of place, it could easily blow their cover. It was bad enough the two were running the risks of being exposed by their human scents, but if anything broke or looked out of place, it was a dead giveaway.

Valerie clung to Sam, squeezing the sleeve of his jacket as he started toward the door. Hearing the crackle of the walkie talkie, followed by the muffled sound of Edgar’s voice made her stop dead in her tracks. “W-What did he say?” She whispered.

Her heart sank when Edgar’s words rang in her ears. They were home and headed straight for the door. They had to get the hell out of there and fast, otherwise they’d be done for. “Sammy, what do we do?! Sneak out the back? Hide?” She was trying her hardest not to panic, considering they only had less than a few seconds to formulate some kind of plan to escape successfully and all she could seem to do was stand there, frozen in fear.

"Uh, Uh, Uh…" All he came come up with at the moment. There’s a mix if anxiety and fear right now and its making it hard to think of a quick solution. It takes the sound of two voices right outside the front door to make him spring into action. In a panic he grabs Val’s hand and leads her up the old steps to the second floor. It seems to have a better possibility of escaping if they are doing it over their heads. Makes sense…right?

Upon entering their home, Barbara is quick to notice a strange scent. Just one of her many developed vampireic senses. She places her handbag on the small table near the door and walks towards the parlor room. Something just isn’t adding up right. “Julian.” She says flipping on a light and taking a glimpse at the room. “Was the help here today?”

Upstairs…Sam has ran into the first room they came upon. One of the homes bedrooms. Shutting the door he leans his back up against it and tries to catch his breath. “Okay, now what the hell do we do?”

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


"It’s possible, I guess… A really old couple’s house…” She kept only a few steps behind Sam, just enough for them to have a bit of breathing room, but close enough for her to reach out to him if things headed south. She glanced around the dark room, using her flashlight to illuminate the dark home. “I don’t see anything out of the ordinary at all… I guess we should be relieved-”

She gasped, practically jumping out of fear when Sam had called out to her. She hadn’t realized he had ventured off without her after she got so caught up in looking for clues. “What?! What’s wrong?” She rushed over to the next room, stake at hand just in case. She furrowed her brow, shining the flashlight on the cups. “…Those look a little too dark to be cherry kool-aid, Sammy…” She gulped, gently reaching out for a cup to smell it. Immediately the metallic scent filled her nostrils and she placed it back down. “…Sam, this is…”

He looks over at her with such a worried expression on his face. Just her holding up the cup he is able to also smell it. An unsettling smell really but of course just knowing its blood makes him sick to his stomach. “Okay I think we got enough proof that these people are bloodsuckers. I say we hightale it out of here.”

With that said he quickly turns and heads towards the door. When he is stopped and startled by a random muffled voice. It takes him a moment to realize its coming from his bag. In a rush he searches through it to find a walkie talkie with Edgar’s voice coming from it. He is reciting random codes in which Sam doesn’t understand. “Edgar, English…please”, he replies.


Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


"Sorry…" She whispered, gently squeezing his shoulder in a comforting manner. Some vampire hunters they were— Getting scared only moments after setting foot into the house. "I-I think I’m okay too." She bit her lip, glancing around the house to see if the coast was clear. There was no sign of activity, which was both comforting and unsettling all at once. She took the flashlight, holding onto it for dear life. 

"Yeah, this is definitely a dead giveaway… No pun intended." She whispered softly, continuing her search around the house. "We need to find anything that’ll give us proof that they’re vampires. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as we confirm that we’re not trespassing on some poor couple’s property. If they’re really vampires, maybe we can nip the problem in the bud now." That was wishful thinking of course, considering Sam and Valerie weren’t exactly the bravest couple. "Lets keep moving." 

"I actually hope its just an old couples house to be honest." He says as he ventures off into the opposite direction. Finding a room that looks to be a parlor. Nothing but fancy old couches with a coffee table. A few antique cabinets sat along the walls. With his trusty flashlight he takes a look around. Mostly because he is sure that there is nothing out of the ordinary…until he spotted some tea cups on the coffee table.

Taking a closer look he notices a dried red liquid in one. The other has been sucked dry. “VAL! VALERIE GET IN HERE!” He stares at the cups until she comes running to his side. He points, showing her.

"Please tell me that’s cherry kool-aid and this just a fancy way of drinking it."

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


"I guess so… I just- I don’t want this to go on my permanent record or anything." Valerie had seemed so sure of herself before but now she began to realize the reprocussions that could easily follow if the couple that lived in this home wasn’t actually home to vampires. Fighting back the apprehension, she continued on with Sam. She knew he wasn’t all too fond of investigating, but Valerie had been the one to convince him to do it. She couldn’t back out now. They just had to go in quickly, look around for evidence and head out.

Valerie gingerly stepped forward, looking over her shoulder every few minutes. She was far more uneasy than she thought she’d be. “It’s unlocked? Seems way too easy, Sammy. Just be careful when we’re in there, okay?” She gently squeezed his shoulder and stepped inside with him.

“Sorry! Sorry…” She bit her lip nervously. “I’m just… covering you, just in case?”

Leaned against the door he clinches his cheat feeling his heartbeat. “It’s cool. It’s cool. I’m good.” He deeply exhales and straightens himself. Reaches into the little bag of survival Alan gave him and pulls out two flashlights. Hands one to Val and lets her pass by him before he closes the door. Just enough to make it look closed. Don’t need anymore alarming clues for the neighbors.

Switching on his flashlight he spotlights it around the entrance hallway of the house. A completely different vibe compared to the outside image. The inside looks like a fancy mansion. Old fashioned staircase leading up to the second floor with a few creepy portraits seem to hang along the wall. “Okay, this looks more like a vampires house. Creepy vibe just went through the roof. — So what exactly are we supposed to look for? A few coffins? Blood supply?…”