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Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Valerie wrapped her arms tight enough to make him feel protected, but not enough to hinder him from breathing. He had enough trouble with that as it was, after Barbara had him locked in a vice-like grip for so long. “Are you okay, Sammy?” Her voice cracked and her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t lose Sam at the hands of these monsters. They had to escape, and fast but things seemed pretty bleak.

Julian looked unamused, clearly irritable over the fact that the two trespassers obviously knew much more than they should have. After listening to Barbara’s pleas, his expression softened. It would’ve been fun to toy with their meals first before they destroyed them… Not to mention he clearly had his sights set on Valerie. “I suppose so… We must savor this treat. Virgin blood isn’t easy to come by, now is it?”

"Indeed, although I have some possible plans for that one." With the approval of her brother she goes in for the kill, so to speak. She steps closer to them both only to shove Valerie away from Sam. In a defense he is quick to pull a small, but effective, keychain sized stake from his pant pocket. But to his surprise he is stopped just as quick from using it. With a touch of her hand upon his cheek and a look into his eyes she gains control over him. Just one of her vampire tricks. "Oh come on love. Do you really want to hurt me?"

Looking back into her eyes he feels calm and undesired to do her any harm. “N-no. Not at all.”

"Okay. Now drop your weapon, bid your little friend good night and follow me. We have some things to discuss and take care of."

With that said she smiles at Valerie and turns on her heels and starts towards the door. Sam does exactly as told. Dropping the stake and turns to Val, “Um…I gotta go.” He has an unsure expression on his face when he turns back and meets Barbara at the door where she takes his hand.

"Don’t worry doll, I will take great care of him. Just be sure you do the same with Julian here."

Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Julian growled, pulling the blond inside before he had a chance to protest. Obviously the boy was frozen in fear, and the vampire took that to his advantage. It wouldn’t be long until he made this little brat and his friend into a meal to quench his thirst. Once Sam was inside, Julian acted quickly and yanked Valerie in with ease. His eyes focused on her for a moment, seeing the look of fear etched across her soft features. She was truly a sight… It’s a shame he had to kill her. A smirk spread across his lips, hearing Sam charging at him. He turned to face his sister who now had the boy in a tight grip. “Nice work, Barbara…”

"Sammy!" She cried, rushing over to him as quickly as she could. Julian let her go out of curiosity to see what she planned on doing next. Surely the two of them were no match for him and his sister, though it’d be cute to see them try. "…Oh my… Such a shame they won’t be needing those anymore."

Sam drops to his knees while coughing from almost being choked to death. He clenches to Val when she comes to his aid. Holding her as close to him as possible hoping they won’t snatch her away. Plans to keep a promise to her sister, Eve, to keep her safe and alive. He will do anything it takes even if it means his own life. As he catches his breath he starts to relax enough. “I’m okay…you okay?” He asks her in a raspy whisper.

"Oh." Barbara whimpers. "Isn’t that just the sweetest thing you have ever seen!" She looks at her brother who is obviously walking a fine line.

"Julian, must we kill them right away. I think he is kinda cute and wouldn’t mind having him for myself…at least for one night. Lets just have a little bit of fun, you could use it."

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Once Bitten || Valerie and Sam


Thinking back on it now, it really was a stupid idea. Why didn’t she just stay home studying with Sam like they had originally planned? She would’ve much rather preferred to study for a dumb chemistry test than push the limits of how long she could last in a vampire’s house before getting chomped on.

Julian kept his cool despite his hunger. He knew that the two wouldn’t be able to escape so easily, especially when acting so frantic. They were bound to make a mistake somehow, and that’s when he’d take them by surprise. It would be simple and quick. Any intruders that set foot in their home must be destroyed, no questions asked.

Valerie reluctantly stepped out the window, keeping close to the siding as much as she could. It was too high up for her to jump down without breaking something in the process. They had to be extremely careful or else they’d be killed one way or another. If not from the vampires, then from a hasty misstep. “Sammy, be careful…” She whimpered.

Hearing the bag drop, her gaze shifted over to Sam bending down to grab it. When she caught glance of the unfamiliar face, she froze in fear as well. She whimpered softly, attempting to reach for Sam. “S-Sammy…”

Julian stared the boy dead in the eyes, a sinister smirk spread across his lips. “A cute couple indeed… We must be sure to bury them together when we’re through with them.” He sneered.

Before Sam could even process what was going on he is dragged back inside by his shirt. The tall vampire has quite the grip on him but just pushes him to the side. However, the state of shock he is in quickly fades when Val is next to be dragged in. Just the violent way she is grabbed by the bloodsucker triggers his protective instincts. He acts quick and charges right at the vampire with his fists ready. He gets in a few punches but is pulled away by Barbara who is a lot stronger then she looks…

He is pinned against the wall with just her hand on his throat, slowly she begins to squeeze. His squirming and scratching at her hand makes her enjoy it all that much more. “How rude of you to leave without saying goodbye to us.”


She laughs letting him go but snatching his bag and looking inside. “Oh Julian, they brought party favors. Stakes. Holy Water…”